Public Health Dentistry

The dentists have the primary responsibility for the oral health care of the general public and thorough legislation, has total jurisdiction over the provision of this care.

The focus of a dental practitioner is the individual patient where as the emphasis of the dental public health practitioner is the overall community, the dental public health field has been expanding its scope and complexity with more emphasis being placed on the total oral health care delivery system and its impact on oral health status of the people.

To achieve oral health status of the general population efforts are being made through the department of public health dentistry. Some of them include :

  • Conducting oral health screening and treatment
  • Conducting oral health education and training programmes for the general public, patients and students.

Great emphasis is being laid upon rural oral health care programs and to provide educational material regarding good oral hygiene practices, safe drinking water and sanitation.

To provide total oral care to patients attending the camps in remote areas we have an air conditioned, state of the art mobile dental bus with all the facilities to provide the most advanced treatment.


  • Extensive outreach program
  • Multidisciplinary research activities.
  • Mobile dental clinic.
  • Two Urban dental health centers for providing oral care and clinical training.


  • Clinical training.
  • Oral Health screening and Treatment Camps in Rural areas.
  • Oral Health Awareness Programmes.
  • Oral Health Promotion.


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