The term periodontium comes from two Greek word ‘Peri’ meaning around and ‘dont’ meaning tooth. Periodontium therefore means tissues investing and supporting the teeth. The clinical science that deals with Peridontium in health and disease is called Periodontology. The brach of dentistry concerned with prevention and treatment of periodontal disease is termed Periodontics or periodontia.

The department of Periodontology deals with examination , diagnosis and treatment of various forms of gingival and periodontal diseases. They can be treated by nonsurgical and surgical treatment modalities.

Non surgical management include scaling and root planning, local drug delivery , host modulation and systemic auto biotic therapy . Surgical management include various pocket elimination techniques and esthetic surgeries . Laser assisted periodontal therapy is also done by using diode lasers.

Surgical therapy by various chemotherapeutic and host modulating agents as an adjunct to the above treatment modalities..

Recent evidence has also shed light on the potential effect of periodontal disease on overall systemic health of the patient. Making periodontal therapy an important aspect of overall health of the patient.


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