Oral Pathology & Microbiology

The Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology is a specialized branch of dentistry. The various development defects, malformations, lesions and neoplasm seen in the Oral and maxillofacial region are diagnosed using various techniques in this department. Emphasis is also given to specialized diagnostic aids like Electron Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry, Enzyme histochemistry . Flow cytometry, Gene mapping . In situ hybridization . polymerase chain reaction , Serological studies Blood chemistry and Microbiological studies.

The department is also concerned with research of diseases in maxillofacial region. Because of the widespread use of tobacco and its products in this part of the country, the prevalence of oral pre cancer is high, So great emphasis is given for its prevention.

At the academic level, the department deals with teaching the undergraduate students basic science in dentistry which includes Oral Anatomy , Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics and tooth morphology .

At higher level, diseases which effects maxillofacial and oral region are taught giving emphasis to its histopathology .This department highlights the basis of forensic dentistry .
This branch is said to be a link between basic and clinical sciences. The department is equipped with histopathology lab, tooth morphology and histology lab and a clinical section for clinical examination and biopsy.


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